Special romanian panettone

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Fresh, with rich and tasty filling, our cozonac bring you the taste of holidays, every day!

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1000g, 4000g

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Ingredients: white wheat flour (gluten), sugar, egg, ground walnut, Turkish delight, raisins, refined sunflower oil, yeast, milk powder (lactose), butter (lactose) min. 80% fat, cocoa (10-12% fat), almond flakes, milk protein (lactose), lemon peel, soy, corn starch, pregelatinized wheat flour (gluten), dehydrated natural wheat mayonnaise (gluten) , emulsifier (E481), anti-caking agent (E170), colorant (E160a), antioxidant (E300, E330), preservative (E282, E200, E211), stabilizer (E471), tocopherols, glucose, lemon flavor, rum flavor, flavor vanilla, vanillin, lecithin, solvent: propylene glycol, thickeners (gum arabic, xanthan gum).
Nutritional information (average per 100g product): energy value1127.69kj / 273.71kcal; lipids 10.32g; of which fatty acids 6.07g; carbohydrates 77.46g; of which sugars 18.80g; protein 8.89g; fiber 2.37g; salt 0.59g.
Baked product.