Fruits from the heart of Dobrogea

The partnership consists of entities through which a local market will be developed, respecting in this sense a distance of less than 75 km from the place of production to the place of sale (the longest distance being Tulcea – Greci = 72 km).

The distance from the farm where the raw material is located in Isaccea and the places of the sale in Tulcea is 46.4 km.

The partnership promotes the concept “Fruits from the heart of Dobrogea” in which we find local products that have a certificate of traditional product respecting the main characteristics of the short supply chain:

  • the marketing process does not involve more than one intermediary between the producer and the consumer;
  • short supply chains: the customer purchases a product directly from the manufacturer. Authenticity and trust are confirmed through personal interaction.
  • spatial proximity: the products are obtained and retailed in the respective region (or place) of production, and customers are aware of the “local” nature of the product at the point of retail. Due to the traditional attestation of processed fruit products, they have an identity, being associated with the area where they come from, ensuring the consumer the quality of ingredients and the product in general. Also, the connection between the producer and the consumer is close, the consumer appreciating the value of the product.

The partnership has an increased capacity for integrated promotion in a local product market, consisting of short supply chains with increased coverage.

PICCOLO ANGELO SRL, headquartered in Greci, Tulcea county, has within the partnership the role of coordinating the project as a leader to gather the information necessary for the development of the project as well as to participate, organize and implement together with the partners, the actions provided in the project.

PICCOLO ANGELO SRL owns the location where “Moesis cherry confiture” and “Moesis sour cherry confiture” “Quince confiture” “Apricot jam” and “Apricot marmalade” are produced.

VALS & CO ANGELO SRL, based in Greci Commune (Tulcea County), is a company that owns shops selling products as well as confectionery. The shops and confectionery are located in the area covered by the project:

  • Greeks – 2 stores
  • Tulcea – 4 shops and 1 confectionery – Angelo in the Europolis complex
  • Isaccea – 1 store

In all these commercial spaces as well as in the Angelo confectionery, the products targeted by the project are sold – “Moesis cherry confiture”, “Moesis sour cherry confiture”, – products that have a Certificate of traditional product issued by MADR but also “Quince confiture” Apricot jam” and “Apricot marmalade”.

SC FRUVINIS SA with headquarters in the city of Isaccea, Tulcea County is a company that owns a fruit farm and is committed to delivering to PICCOLO ANGELO SRL the raw material for obtaining products promoted and sold within the project.