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The story begins in Eastern Europe, in Romania, in Dobrogea, at the foot of the Macin Mountains (the oldest in Europe), where the food tradition is distinguished to this day by maintaining a rural dominance based on the exploitation of ingredients of local origin.

In a multicultural space such as Dobrogea, the multitude of ethnic groups living here for tens, hundreds or even thousands of years, has generated food patterns, a remarkable diversity of processes and recipes, born naturally from the multitude of resources, defining the spirit of the local cuisine – traditional authentic Dobrogean.

The preparation of jams and jams were solutions for transforming perishable fruits into supplies for the long winter months. True culinary refinements are all the more precious as the preservation processes have proved to be truly infallible in terms of preserving the physicochemical properties, nutritional qualities and flavour. Far from being characterized by simplicity, they require additional gastronomic efforts to restore their freshness and enhance them when served.

As a tribute to the old Moesia, we created Moesis by Angelo our product segment through which we tell the stories of Dobrogea in the universal language of tastes. Searching the times I found recipes kept almost unchanged, although they crossed centuries.

From the heart of Dobrogea, the “Moesis by Angelo” collection includes traditionally certified Romanian products.

Moesis by Angelo – From the Hearth of Dobrogea
is a well-known brand of the ANGELO Group.

Under this umbrella we provide on the domestic and external market raw-vegan products and traditional Dobrogean products, resulted as the crowning of a historical cohabitation of all ethnic groups in these lands, transposed into recipes, tastes and names attributed to all of them.

Dry pastries, packaged in quantities and shapes for all requirements, are already traveling around the world, some of which being included in some airlines’ menu.

The ANGELO Group was established in 1992 and has developed a production activity that includes dry pastry, hot pastry, confectionery, vegetables and fruits processing, honey processing and packaging, berries processing and packaging.

The entire production activity takes place in our factory located in Greci, Tulcea County. The fact that the food production takes place at the foot of the Măcin Mountains National Park, gives an extra validation that the products are created in an unpolluted environment and worthy of the trust of all consumers. Carrying out the activity entirely in the rural area means providing a social security for approximately 300 families in this area.

At the moment we have in our portfolio 11 traditionally certified products. We have also passed the national procedures phase and we are waiting for the “European passport” of Protected Geographical Indication – PGI of Dobrogea Pie.

Confectionery products such as the famous ANGELO Cakes and the entire variety of products for ANGELO Candy Bars are distributed in the 14 working points of the group, located in Tulcea and Constanţa counties.

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Also, through our own fleet, we ensure the distribution of our products in over 7 counties, to over 1500 partners.

The “Moesis by Angelo” and “ANGELO” products represent the guarantee that the quality products Made in Romania have continuity and are transmitted from one generation to another.