Jelly cookies

10,00 lei

These wholesome cookies melt in your mouth from the first bite. Discover the Sweet Heart of Dobrogea in every Moesis dessert.

Additional information

Weight200 g

Ingredients: white wheat flour (gluten), eggs, sugar, vegetable oils (refined palm, sunflower and coconut), refined and hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm kernels), 3% jelly, whey powder (lactose), starch from corn, emulsifier (soy lecithin, mono and fatty acid diglycerides), vanillin, glucose-fructose syrup, acidifier: citric acid, tartaric acid, saffron extract dye, E1442, cellulose stabilizer, E466, dye: E150d, 120, 160a , preservative: potassium sorbate, identical natural strawberry flavor, iodized salt.
Nutritional information (average per 100g product): energy value 2566.93kJ / 613.35kcal, lipids 19.64g, of which saturated fatty acids 11.56g, carbohydrates 55.23g, of which sugars 22.54g, protein 4.60g, fiber 1.59g salt 0.02g.
Baked product.