Mosaic Dobrogean panettone

23,00 lei

Fluffy and browned, muffins are a must on holiday tables!

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Weight 700 g

Baked product

.INGREDIENTS: White wheat flour (gluten), water, sugar, vegetable oils in varying proportions (sunflower, palm and coconut), eggs, milk powder (lactose), yeast, turkish delights, raisins, cocoa, walnut kernels, seeds of sunflower, soy, lemon, lemon flavor, rum flavor, sesame seeds, iodized salt, natural dehydrated wheat mayo (gluten), wheat malt flour (gluten), glucose, caramel sugar, corn and wheat starch (gluten), emulsifiers (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids and sodium stearoyl-2- lactate), emulsifiers (sodium polyphosphate), antioxidant (citric acid, ascorbic acid), lecithin, preservative (calcium propionate, sorbic acid, benzoate of sodium), thickeners (gum arabic, xanthan gum), solvent (propylene glycol), coloring (carotenes), acidity corrector (calcium acetate).May contain traces of peanuts and derived products, hazelnuts, almonds. Nutritional information for 100g product: energy value 1175.11 kj/ 279.79 kcal; lipids 8.22 g; of which fatty acids 4.86 g; carbohydrates 60.91 g; of which sugars 17.22; proteins 9.02; fiber 0.16g; salt 0.59gStorage conditions: maximum + 220CFor the best possible storage, keep the product in its original packaging, in a dry and cool place, avoiding exposure to the sun.