Peppers in tomato juice

18,50 lei

Product made according to well-known recipes, tasty, indispensable in the pantry of housewives!

Additional information

Weight 330 g


Pasteurized product :Ingredients: 41% roasted capsicum, 39% tomato juice, water, sugar, sunflower vegetable oil, iodized salt, hot peppers, ground pepper, oregano.May contain traces of: peanuts and derived products, nuts, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, fish.Nutritional information (on average for 100g product): energy value 573 kJ / 138 kcal, lipids 11 g, of which saturated fatty acids 1.03 g, carbohydrates 9 g, of which sugars 1.12 g, proteins 0.50 g, fibers 2.45 g, salt 0.28 Mr.The packaging contains a portion of 330 g.Storage conditions: maximum + 22*C. For the most correct storage, keep the product in its original packaging, in a dry and cool place, avoiding exposure to the sun.After opening, keep at a maximum temperature of +8*C for 5 days.