MĂCIN’S TREASURE traditional romanian panettone

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A special recipe, inherited from our forefathers, preserved and respected with holiness. Created only with natural ingredients, flavours and fillings, it is ready to honour your meal and delight your soul.

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Weight 1000 g
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Traditional product certified by MADR no. 583 / 06.06.2017
Ingredients: white wheat flour (gluten), milk (lactose), walnut kernel, sugar, eggs, turkish delight (glucose, corn starch, citric acid, flavors), raisins, yeast, butter with min. 80% fat (lactose), sunflower vegetable oil, cocoa (20-22% fat), lemon peel, rum flavor, iodized salt.
Nutritional information (average per 100g product): energy value 1159.20kJ / 281.36 kcal, lipids 8.57g, of which saturated fatty acids 5.04g, carbohydrates 79.05g, of which sugars 17.47g, protein 8.13g, fiber 4.26g, salt 0.28g.
Baked product.